We offer the following types of course:

  • Short Learning Programs (SLP)

    SLP's are short online courses that are only a couple of days long. The course with its assignment can be completed in maximum one month or shorter.

  • Programmes

    These Programmes are SLP's strung together to formulate a larger qualification. As programmes contain SLP's in the group, it usually also offers a discount from buying the said SLP's individually.

  • Workplace Learning Programs (WLP)

    WLP's are presented to working students or staff in the workplace. The courses are still fully online and can be done using just an internet browser. So working students can complete their courses either from their workplace or homes. Assuming their workload, these courses span a couple of months and include practical workplace assignments as well. Unlike the SLP's, these WLP's are, in South African terms, categorized as Cat B courses and have significant benefit for BEE scorecards and leverage Skills Development Levy (SDL) Claims.

  • Workshops

    Workshops are presented on a customer's premises in what we refer to as Short Format Onsite Workshops. Face-to-face with a customer's team of up to 10 participant. Workshop pricing is for the workshop and not per student.