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The SA Booksellers Association (SABA) provides a platform that facilitates the current and future economic well being of booksellers by promoting their interest and meeting their needs.

It strives to assist its members by:

  1. Providing access and disseminating industry information.
  2. Considering, coordinating and promoting the interests of booksellers and the trade as a   whole.
  3. Liaising with government departments to ensure that methods of supply serve the interests of the Departments, booksellers and the learners.
  4. Support Government initiatives in promoting a literate nation and inculcating a culture of reading.
  5. Keeping them informed and improving co-operation and the communication among them.
  6. Promoting and encouraging small business development to grow a vibrant retail book trade.
  7. Bringing booksellers from around the country together annually to discuss matters of general interest.
  8. Collecting statistics and doing research for the benefit of members
  9. Working with the Publishers’ Association of South Africa (PASA) to encourage healthy trade relations which recognise the respective roles within the book value chain, of the publishers as creators and wholesale distributors, and booksellers as the retailers of books

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