• Learn employable skills that any business would be proud of

    We recommend the following short online courses specific for business managers

    Broadening your career prospects in management.

    The UFS Business School and our other suppliers are leaders in South Africa in the provision of management programmes.

  • 28e Capital

    Training by 28e Capital

    Now you can get started by understanding the basics of the stock market and how it works. This course shows you details of the stock exchange in a fantastic readable and understandable format.

  • UFS Business School

    UFS Business School

    Get your career going with more business training and qualifications. You can select from a range of short learning programmes which includes 16 short learning programmes.

    This is a great opportunity for management in any business.

  • Agri


    Farming, soil and agricultural courses at its best

    Get the best agriculture courses online. We focus on supplying courses written by the best experts in the field of agriculture.

    This is a great opportunity for any farmer or agricultural specialist.

  • Digital Citizenship

    Digital Citizenship by Tuit

    Disalox presents various courses for digital citizenship. These courses help children and parents navigate the complex world of technology. its dangers and its wonderful opportunities.

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  • How do I get my course material and do my course

    All our e-learning courses are presented online. You will only need a internet connection and a internet browser like Chrome, Explorer or Firefox. In the course, the learning material is available to download if your prefer.

  • How to contact us for support

    You can contact us via eMAIL or a support ticket at http://support.tuit.co.za with any questions and our call staff will help you with your questions.

  • Tuit Online Learning and online short course shop

    We Love education and we love technology. At Tuit we have put years of experience into bringing you online courses for education of adults. Our courses have been developed and supplied by various publishers and growing daily.

  • How can I pay for my course

    You can EFT into our account or pay using our online payment facility.