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Beef Production

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Course Overview

Learn in detail, how to successfully manage a Beef Production farm.

To convey key elements, skills and knowledge for running a successful beef production farm.

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Course Objective

Arbour Agri completion Certificate.

In this course participants will learn to:

  1. Manage a herd of Beef cattle, in particular keeping your herd healthy.
  2. Select the best Bulls and Cows from the herd by looking at various factors.
  3. Handling and upkeep of your animals to ensure good breeding stock.
  4. Point out and understand all the important factors to run a successful beef cattle farm.

Course Content

  1. Module 1: Fertility of Bulls and Cows
  2. Module 2: Selection
  3. Module 3: Biosecurity
  4. Module 4: Clinical Evaluation
  5. Module 5: Clostridial Disease
  6. Module 6: Practical Tick Control
  7. Module 7: Body Condition Scoring
  8. Module 8: Handling Facilities - The Crush
  9. Module 9: Identification and Branding
  10. Module 10: Dehorning
  11. Module 11: Castration
  12. Module 12: Age Determination


Your Lecturer for this online course:

 Eugene Beetge

 Tuit | Time to Learn

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Data sheet

Language Available
Course Level
4 Weeks
Objectives of the course
To convey key elements, skills and knowledge for running a successful beef production farm.
Per Month
Who should attend
Farmers and entrepreneurs waiting more information about setting up and running a beef production farm.
Supplier Certificate of Completion
Supplier Accredited Course
Course Type
Short Course

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