Tuit Online Shop.

Tuit is part of various brands owned and developed by Tuit Online Learning (Pty) Ltd.

Our aim is to provide top quality online learning content for the African market.

Some of our key features are:

  1. Top quality products
  2. Focus on accredited products
  3. Best customer service and support
  4. Full product usage guarentee


When I wanted to share my experience with other workers in my field, I discussed the possibilities with Tuit and was immediately impressed with their insight in how to present the material in a user friendly format. They guided me through the whole process until the last part where we have to address the questions prompting learners to evaluate their own knowledge of the previous discussions. It is one thing to have all the experience and information available, but something completely different to put that in a format that can be studied via the e-courses. With this Tuit assisted me in a very competent and professional way. The second e-course I will attempt will be much easier and I can rely on a comprehensive backup from these professionals.

- JGK Consulting -