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Faqs By Buying an Online Course

How do I buy a course from Tuit Online ?

Buying a course is simple. Firstly, register an account on this online shop. You can then select any course or multiple courses and add them to your shopping basket. After you finished your selection proceed to the Shopping Cart option and follow the simple steps to payment. The rest happens automatically after we receive your payment.

Does Tuit Online offer degree courses ?

Unfortunately not, at the moment we offer various Short Courses and Programmes, as well as Workplace Learning Programs that run over a couple of weeks to a month each depending on your course. 

My credit card has been declined, what do I do?

We suggest finding an alternative form of payment, such as an internet transfer, for example.  If you are still stuck you can contact our offices for further assistance.

Do I need to buy textbooks in addition to buying the course?

No.  Everything you need to complete your course is found online and most material is downloadable via pdf.

How do I access my course once I have paid?

All information regarding your course, the required links, logins etc will be sent to you via email as soon as payment is confirmed.  Be sure to use an email address you have regular access to.