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Faqs By Internet & Online

What is meant by "Online Learning" which Tuit offers ?

Online learning refers to receiving your learning material mostly on the internet through your browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer. Your assignments and quizes are also completed online on the learner management system and will be graded on the internet.

Can I also download my learning material from each course and print it out ?

Yes, you can. Each course is broken into modules, and each module is downloadable in a PDF format. If you choose to not review the material online on your browser, you simply download the module and you can also print it out. Also refer to Assignments online.

Do I need internet access to study 'Online' ?

Yes. If you study 'online courses' such as supplied by Tuit Online, you need internet access.

Does online learning use a large amount of internet data ?

No, not if you study with Tuit Online. Tuit has made sure to develop its courses to use minimum internet data. It is safe to say that you can comfortably use your 3G data-card all the way through to ADSL fast internet to study with us.

I don't have a computer at home? Can I still take an online course?

You can take an online course as long as you have access to the Internet on a computer or tablet that you can use on a regular basis.