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Faqs By Completing a Course

Do I have to write my final exam in a classroom?

No, the entire course including your final assignment is done online, there is no requirement to travel.

What can I expect with taking an online course?

Expect to spend at least as much time (and possibly more time) on an online course as you would on a traditional course.  

Use the Internet as a tool, get used to browsers, e-mail, plug-ins, and any software being used in your course. 

What do I do if I get stuck halfway through my course?

You can direct your questions to our Support Desk by emailing or create a support ticket at

What if I get delayed getting online and struggle to finish on time?

Do not wait until the end of the course to contact us if you have fallen behind.  Get hold of us as soon as possible by emailing or creating a support ticket at