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Faqs By Using an LMS

What is an LMS?

We use an LMS (Learner Management System) to present the actual course material, which is different from the system that runs our Shop. The LMS is called Canvas LMS. We use the LMS because we do academic & University level courses. These academic courses are highly graded with quizzes, assignments and discussions as well as the students private information. This requires a larger system for control and to comply to University standards, along with better tracking and record keeping abilities for courses with qualifications.

How do I Login for the first time?

We create you as a student with your initial information on our LMS.  The LMS runs online from a website (in the cloud) and you can access the login screen at  You can change all your login details for the LMS once you are logged in. Remember we only keep your initial login details so if you lose your password after changing it, you will need to request your password from the LMS login screen. 

How do I find my course?

Once you have entered your login details you will be taken to your home screen.  Click on COURSES from the top dropdown menu and select your course.  All the courses you are enrolled for will be listed under this heading.  Courses that show as inactive have either not started as yet or are already finished.  Check your course dates if you are unsure.