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Interpretation of Soil Analyses Data-02

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Course Overview

This course will enable students to evaluate and interpret the analytical data in order to Quantify the current productivity status of the soil.

  1. To identify soil chemical factors that will reduce plant production.
  2. To asses corrective measures in terms of practicalities, cost and timing.
  3. To prepare fertilization recommendations to optimize crop production.

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Course Objective

JGK completion Certificate.

In this course participants will learn to:

  1. Distinguish between the various aspects when conducting a soil analysis.
  2. Interpret the current status of the soil in terms of optimal pH.
  3. Enable you to evaluate and interpret the soil analysis results for resistance and electrical conductivity.
  4. Make appropriate fertilization recommendations to maintain and/or correct the phosphorus status of the soil in the most economical way.
  5. Enable you to evaluate and interpret the soil analysis results for cations.
  6. Prepare appropriate recommendations to manage the acid level of the soil.
  7. Interpret the soil analyses results for sulphur in terms of additions to optimise plant production.
  8. Enable you to evaluate and interpret the soil analysis results for essential micro nutrient elements.
  9. Interpret the soil analyses results for organic matter in terms of additions to optimise plant production.
  10. Put these soil properties as reported in the analytical report in perspective in terms of plant production and soil quality and fertilization.
  11. Calculate the nitrogen requirements to optimise plant production.

Course Content

  1. Module 1: Introduction to Course - Interpretation of Soil Analysis (SHORTENED MODULE)
  2. Module 6: Interpretation of Exchangeable Acid Data
  3. Module 7: Interpretation of Soil Sulphur Data
  4. Module 8: Interpretation of Analytical Data on Micro Nutrients Elements
  5. Module 9: Interpretation of Organic Carbon and Organic Material Data
  6. Module 10: Interpretation of the Physical Properties of Soil
  7. Module 11: Nitrogen
  8. Module 12: Fertilisation Report
  9. Supporting Information


Your Lecturer for this online course:

Dr. JGK Coetzee

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Data sheet

Language Available
Course Level
4 Weeks
Per Month
Recommended requirement are: Equivalent of Grade 12 level of biology, plant science, chemistry or any related subject. Tertiary education in chemistry, soil science, and plant nutrition or plant physiology.
Who should attend
This course is aimed at students and advisers in the service of sustainable agriculture. This course is recommended for all Farmers and Soil Analysts or for anybody who would want to learn more about the science of soil for successful plant growth.
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Supplier Accredited Course
Course Type
Short Course

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