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The Bookselling Landscape

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Course Overview

This course consolidates years of book experience from people in the book trade - giving the student the history and background to the world of books, how it began, evolved, and came to be what it is today. The course also sketches the current context, challenges and opportunities.

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Course Objective

In this course participants will learn to:

  1. An understanding of the history and context to bookselling in South Africa
  2. Familiarity with key players in the industry
  3. Sense of the dynamics that influence bookselling - both local and international
  4. Picture of the current bookselling landscape, both challenges and opportunities

Course Content

  1. Module: Bookselling - The Basics
  2. Module: A Context of Bookselling
  3. Module: History of Bookselling
  4. Module: The Start of Bookselling in South Africa
  5. Module: Censorship
  6. Module: Chain Bookselling - Exclusive Books and others
  7. Module: Independents
  8. Module: School Bookselling
  9. Module: Academic Bookselling
  10. Module: The Digital Revolution
  11. Module: International Bookstores
  12. Module: Current Landscape
  13. Module: Current Hot Topics in the World of Books
  14. Final Assignment


Your Lecturer for this online course:

 Batya Bricker

 Batya Bricker has been in the booktrade for close on 20 years. She worked for Exclusive   Books for 13 years, in the role of strategic marketing manager for the group, as it grew from   9 stores to over 50. She is now an independent book consultant and publisher, book festival   co-ordinator and manager of all manner of word-related projects.

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