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Digital Bookselling in SA

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Course Overview

An introduction to the basic concepts involved in book retail via digital channels with South African flavor.

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Course Objective

Learning the landscape of digital distribution of books in SA from a novice point of view. There is a gradual increase in the complexity of terms that students will become comfortable with in order to navigate stakeholders in the book industry. New and potential future technologies including e-books are discussed to familiarize booksellers as well as the new Customer engagement channels such as social media. Exercises are designed for maximum engagement using readily available tools.

In this course participants will learn to:

  1. Basic knowledge of the digital bookselling Environment
  2. Understanding technical terms
  3. Recognising digital trends in bookselling
  4. e-books and their place in booksellers offering
  5. using social media as a marketing and engagement channel

Course Content

  1. Module: Common Digital Bookselling Models in SA
  2. Module: Business Environment
  3. Module: General Management of e-Bookshops
  4. Module: Consumer Trends for the Bookseller


Your Lecturer for this online course:

Melvin Kaabwe

Melvin Kaabwe is Vice President of the SA Booksellers Association and Digital Manager of Van Schaik Bookstores, Southern Africa's leading academic bookstore chain. He has a BSc, Business Management Diploma endorsed by the Institute of Purchasing SA, and various certificates in Post Graduate Studies in Management. He is a certified Geographic Information Systems practitioner. Melvin has led e-commerce development projects, start-ups and operations for various FMCG businesses, retailers, Academic Institutions and Financial services groups including Edgars Stores, Times Union Newspapers and Nedbank. Mr Kaabwe has had world-wide exposure to Higher Education having followed his parents who were Academics at various international Universities. He is a Board Member of the Puku Children's Literature Foundation which advocates for more reading books in mother-tongue for African children.

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