• 28e Capital

    28e Capital

    28E Capital was founded in 2010 by Carlo Amorim, Hugo Gous, Sarel Snyman and Dirk Van Den Berg.

    28E Capital is a full service member of the JSE, as well as a SAFEX member. The difference between a broker that is a full member of the JSE and a member that is only a member of SAFEX is the following:

    SAFEX Member:

    -Offers all products listed on SAFEX and YieldX.

    -Use own accounting software and is audited by an Auditor.

    -The clients’ money lies with the brokers clearing bank.

    JSE Member:

    -Offers all products listed on the JSE.

    -The company make use of the JSE BDA system and all trades are monitored by the JSE.

    -ABSA is the company’s derivatives clearing member. Client margins are held by ABSA.

    -All client funds are held at JSE Trustees

    -The company’s back office is outsourced to Computershare Outsourcing.

    As full members of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange we offer trading in all of the listed shares on the JSE and in all derivatives available on the South African Futures Exchange i.e. Single stock futures, Agricultural futures, Currency futures, Financial index futures, commodities, CFD's and options.

    We are also approved by the Financial Services board to manage Portfolios. (FSP Number 42800)

  • Arbour Agri

    Arbour Agri

    Arbour Agri is a specialist in creating agricultural short courses. This is achieved in partnership with various Agri suppliers and partners. including some universities.

  • JGK Consulting

    JGK Consulting

    Fertilizing advice for commercial agriculture, smallholdings, nurseries and home gardens.

    This advisory service was initiated by Dr J G K Coetzee (Hannes) who is since 1968 involved in research, extension on fertilisation of crops. During this period the degrees MSc Agric (Soil Science) and DSc Agric (Horticulture) were obtained. Many study tours to other countries also helped to write ”Fertilisation of Citrus” and “Irrigation of Citrus” on behalf of CRI in 2006. Study guides on fertilisation and water were also wrote for the SA Citrus Academy. Since fertilisation and irrigation involve water quality a handbook on interpretation of analytical results of water was compiled.

    This independent fertiliser advisory service started in 2003 making 43 years experience widely available to commercial producers of fruit and nuts, vegetables, field crops and, pastures as well as plant nurseries. The same quality service is also available to nurseries and owners of small holdings and home gardeners.

    The fertilisation advice is based on soil and leaf analyses supported by other crop information such as yield, quality and related parameters. The fertilisation program is formulated for optimal yield at the lowest cost. No sales of fertilisers are involved and the best product that can do the job at the lowest cost is selected.

    Dr Coetzee is a full member of SACNSAP, SASSCON, GVSA and IHS and a practicing agricultural scientist.

  • SA Booksellers Association

    SA Booksellers Association

    The SA Booksellers Association (SABA) provides a platform that facilitates the current and future economic well being of booksellers by promoting their interest and meeting their needs.

    It strives to assist its members by:

    1. Providing access and disseminating industry information.
    2. Considering, coordinating and promoting the interests of booksellers and the trade as a   whole.
    3. Liaising with government departments to ensure that methods of supply serve the interests of the Departments, booksellers and the learners.
    4. Support Government initiatives in promoting a literate nation and inculcating a culture of reading.
    5. Keeping them informed and improving co-operation and the communication among them.
    6. Promoting and encouraging small business development to grow a vibrant retail book trade.
    7. Bringing booksellers from around the country together annually to discuss matters of general interest.
    8. Collecting statistics and doing research for the benefit of members
    9. Working with the Publishers’ Association of South Africa (PASA) to encourage healthy trade relations which recognise the respective roles within the book value chain, of the publishers as creators and wholesale distributors, and booksellers as the retailers of books
  • Salez


    Helping customers make sense of Customer Relations Management, marketing and sales! At SaleZ we focus on all things CRM. We understand what is required to develop customer journeys, business digitization, automation, sales funnels and all the many things a CRM system can offer. We do this for small entrepreneurs to large business!

  • SUN AgriSciences

    SUN AgriSciences

    The Faculty of AgriSciences at Stellenbosch University (SU) is held in high esteem at national and international levels for the quality of its training and research and also as consultant in the agricultural and forestry industry.

  • TOC South Africa

    TOC South Africa

    TOC Southern Africa is an educational business consultancy. We disseminate and implement the Theory of Constraints. Our GOAL is to enable companies to improve their bottom line results through the implementation of the methodologies embodied in the Theory of Constraints.

    The company was established on 1 January 2000 at the request of Dr Eli Goldratt. TOC SA is the sole representative for Dr Goldratt's company, Goldratt Marketing, for the entire Southern African region.

  • Tuit | Time to Learn

    Tuit | Time to Learn

    Tuit is a specialist in Digital Marketing and e-learning. The company trains customers on various principles within its skillset.

    Tuit has developed various short e-learning courses for students to do online as well as customer workshops.

  • UFS Business School

    UFS Business School

    The Business School was founded to:

    develop and deliver successful programmes;

    • teach share our knowledge and convert learning into practice;
    • coach in an ON-CAMPUS and on-line environment;
    • empower individuals and organizations;
    • maximize potential; and achieve exceptional results.

    Operating under the banner of the school is The Centre for Business Dynamics, established to offer customised non-curricular training in assisting companies and individuals to bridge the gap between their existing skills and competencies, and by those required to ensure their future performance and competitiveness.

    We create opportunities for the future.

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    Fully accredited by the Council for Higher Education (CHE)


    • SABSA (South African Association for Business Schools)
    • AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)
    • AABS (Association of African Business Schools)
    • CEEMAN (Central and East European Management Development Association)

    The Business School has been voted for 3 Palmes by EDUNIVERSAL and belongs to the 3rd league of the 1000 Best Business Schools worldwide.