How to use a Learning Management System

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Begin your journey into understanding the power of a Learning Management System (LMS) using Tuit's Canvas LMS.

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To understand how a LMS system works and specifically the Canvas LMS cloud platform.

  1. Workshops are presented in short, onsite, face to face sessions.
  2. A workshop ends with a self paced quiz to be completed at the clients discretion.
  3. Each workshop can have up to 10 students for each order. So if you order, remember order a workshop for each group of 10 students.

By the end of this workshop, participants should

  1. be comfortable using the Canvas LMS system and interface
  2. Create a basic online course
  3. Be able to invite students and manage their expertise during the course enrollment

Workshop outline & Topics:

Beginner workshop we look at the system functionality to use and work with Canvas LMS.

The syllabus for this workshop includes:

  1. What is a LMS
  2. The LMS market
  3. Market products and competitorsOpen source & free
  4. Paid
  5. Login
  6. URL to login
  7. Interface, layout and structureBrandingLogin level
  8. Account level
  9. Course level
  10. Support access
  11. Menus
  12. Roles & User typesAdminTeacher
  13. TA
  14. Student
  15. Course Access and invitationsVia email invite
  16. Create users manually
  17. Importing users in bulk
  18. Getting startedCreating a simple courseItems overview
  19. Structure of the course
  20. Rich-text interface & HTML
  21. Inviting students
  22. Online resourcesCanvas community
  23. Canvas guides
  24. w3school html training
Intermediate workshop we look at the system functionality to use and work with Canvas LMS.

  1. Interface overviewReporting
  2. Setup
  3. ManagementAccount management
  4. Admins
  5. Course level management
  6. Teacher & TA's
  7. Sections & dates
  8. Student management
  9. Courses
  10. Design and layout
  11. Advanced html
  12. ItemsQAD'sQuestion types
  13. Question banks
  14. GradebookOptions
  15. Speed-grader
Advanced workshop we look at the system functionality to use and work with Canvas LMS. Admin & account management

  1. Branding & style sheets
  2. Multi-level accounts
  3. Importing records
  4. Reports and analytics
  5. Items
  6. Syllabus
  7. Grading
  8. Outcomes


Your Lecturer for this workshop:

 Eugene Beetge

 Tuit | Time to Learn

 e-Learning Specialist

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