WLP - General Management & Business Communication

Programme Overview

Participates will take the first step in developing as a leader by being introduced to the process of management. This will provide a sense of what skills will be required from a manager.


Programme Objective

By the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  1. Communication techniques
  2. Communication skills
  3. The four functions of management
  4. Planning, organising, activation and control

Programme Content

  1. Communication techniques and communication skills
  2. The four functions of management:Planning and decision making
  3. Organising
  4. Leading and Implementing
  5. Control

Your Lecturer for this online programme:

Werner Landman

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Data sheet

Language Available
Course Level
2 Months
Presentation Type
Programme Type
Category B
Contact Days
5 - 7 learning hours per week, anytime, anywhere
Per Month
Grade 12 Qualification
Training Options
Distance Learning – Online
Minimum Learners Required
One (1) on Distance Learning - Online
Who should attend
General Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Project Managers
NQF Level
3 Credits
General Management & Business Communication is credit bearing towards the MDP (Management Development Programme) & BML (Bachelors in Management and Leadership)
Course Type
Workplace Learning

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