WLP - Ethics & Governance

Programme Overview

The aim of Ethics & Governance is to provide participants with an understanding of ethics and how it influences life choices. The question of ethics, or what is the correct way to run a business' forms a crucial part of the governance of every corporate decision-making process. Learn more about the importance of ethics and governance in this course.


Programme Objective

By the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  1. Understand governance is South Africa, specifically in relation to the legal framework.
  2. Have a proper understanding of corporate ethics and learn how to avoid high risk areas.

Programme Content

  1. Governance in South Africa, with regards to the legal framework
  2. Corporate ethics and avoiding high risk areas
  3. Ethics defined
  4. GovernanceThe three pillars for good governance and sustainable development
  5. Accountability in governance
  6. Trust in governance
  7. Differentiating between right and wrong
  8. What makes something ethical
  9. Division of action into three categories
  10. The importance of ethics
  11. Rights and responsibilities
  12. Descriptive ethicsNormative ethics
  13. Teleological ethics
  14. Deontological ethics
  15. Meta-ethical theories
  16. The art of living – making choices
  17. Applied ethics
  18. The natural environment – is it natural/morally correct?
  19. Man-made environments
  20. Media issues

Your Lecturer for this online programme:

Chris Hendriks

Public Administration and Management

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Data sheet

Language Available
Course Level
2 Months
Presentation Type
Programme Type
Category B
Contact Days
5 - 7 learning hours per week, anytime, anywhere
Per Month
Grade 12 Qualification
Training Options
Distance Learning – Online
Minimum Learners Required
One (1) on Distance Learning - Online
Who should attend
The course is aimed at all managers dealing with difficult choices on a daily basis.
NQF Level
1 Credit
Ethics & Governance is credit bearing towards the MDP (Management Development Programme)
Course Type
Workplace Learning

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