WLP - Labour Relations

Programme Overview

The aim of Labour Relations is to equip participants to be able to understand Labour Relations, and be able to prepare for a disciplinary hearing. In order to understand Industrial Relations it is necessary to have a firm grasp of Labour Law and how it is applied. This course will focus on the legal principals, then look into the method of applying different aspects practically in the workplace.


Programme Objective

By the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  1. Understand and describe the concept of labour relations in writing by reflecting on its nature as of cardinal importance in modern industrialised society.
  2. Understand and apply the theory of unfair dismissal and unfair practice in the organisation.
  3. Understand and apply disciplinary and grievance procedures.
  4. Differentiate between types of bargaining and distinguish the sub-processes of collective bargaining.
  5. Reflect on the personality and skills dimension a negotiator should have.

Programme Content

  1. Labour Relations and the legalistic framework
  2. Labour Relations Act
  3. Discrimination in human resource management
  4. Basic Conditions of the Employment Act
  5. Unemployment Insurance Act
  6. Unfair dismissal and the unfair labour practice
  7. Procedures in labour relations
  8. Strikes and lock-outs in South Africa
  9. Staff reduction procedures
  10. Disciplinary process, Discipline, dismissal and Grievances
  11. Incapacity due to unsatisfactory work performance
  12. Negotiation skills
  13. Practical collective bargaining and negotiations
  14. Conflict and power in the negotiation process
  15. Bargaining strategies
  16. The sub-process of negotiations
  17. Personality and skills dimensions of a negotiator
  18. Negotiations tactics
  19. Mistakes during negotiations

Your Lecturer for this online programme:

Martie Bloem

Labour Law Attorney

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Data sheet

Language Available
Course Level
3 Months
Presentation Type
Programme Type
Category B
Contact Days
5 - 7 learning hours per week, anytime, anywhere
Per Month
Grade 12 Qualification
Training Options
Distance Learning – Online
Minimum Learners Required
One (1) on Distance Learning - Online
Who should attend
The course is predominantly directed at managers and supervisors dealing with disciplinary hearings and procedures.
NQF Level
8 Credits
Labour Relations is credit bearing towards the MDP (Management Development Programme)
Course Type
Workplace Learning

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