Best Practice - e-Learning Development

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Begin your journey into understanding the best practices in using a Learning Management System (LMS), using Tuit's using Canvas LMS.

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Learning best practise for e-Learning and student retention for online learning.

  1. Workshops are presented in short, onsite, face to face sessions.
  2. A workshop ends with a self paced quiz to be completed at the clients discretion.
  3. Each workshop can have up to 10 students for each order. So if you order, remember order a workshop for each group of 10 students.

By the end of this workshop, participants should

  1. Be comfortable using the Canvas LMS system comfortably
  2. Understand how to use the various functions of the LMS to best practice

Workshop outline & Topics:

Beginner workshop we look at the system functionality to use and work with Canvas LSM.

The syllabus for this workshop includes:

  1. Introduction to learning
  2. Linear vs non-linear learning
  3. Components of a learning environmentLMS
  4. SCRM
  5. STSS
  6. The student journeysPre-enrolment journey
  7. Enrolment journey
  8. Post-enrolment journey
  9. ConsiderationsLecturer involvement vs automation
  10. Interactivity vs cost
  11. Building on knowledgeUnderstanding Blooms Taxonomy
  12. QAD use for Stop-Checks
  13. Course setupSettings
  14. Sections
  15. Dates
  16. Groups
  17. Grading
  18. Course Content ComponentsWiki items
  19. Modules
  20. QAD's
  21. Syllabus
  22. Course Stop-check methodsQAD's
  23. Pre-requisites
  24. Dates and flow

Intermediate Workshop topics and modules in this course include:

  1. LMSWhat is as LMS
  2. Market products and competitors
  3. Best practiseFrontPage
  4. Modular structure
  5. Top and tail pages
  6. Downloadable content per module
  7. Tuit Scale of interactions
  8. Development LevelsOnline Ready
  9. Publish Ready
  10. Commercially ready
  11. CDP Process
  12. Methods
  13. Accommodate SME
  14. Mediums for development
  15. Conversion of contentProcess
  16. Ratios and volumes
  17. Tips and tricksMS Word
  18. refer to Hover-overs and Hyperlinks
  19. MS Powerpoint
  20. Use existing text and notes
  21. Convert animation to video
  22. Voice overlay on converted video
  23. Transcribe video to text in word
  24. QAD DevelopmentsWhat are they used forQuiz
  25. Assignment
  26. Discussions
  27. Options per QAD
  28. Refer to Blooms Taxonomy
  29. Placement of QAD's

Advanced Workshop topics and modules in this course include:

  1. Student journeysPre-enrolment
  2. During enrolment
  3. Post-enrolment
  4. Student managementTechniques
  5. Communication journeys
  6. Enrolment journeys
  7. Using your CRM to solve the problem
  8. Student retentionHistory
  9. Methods
  10. Tips and trick
  11. Following the MOOC methods
  12. Student communicationCreating expectations
  13. Responding when necessary


Your Lecturer for this workshop:

 Eugene Beetge

 Tuit | Time to Learn

 e-Learning Specialist

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